Jane Cruickshank

Jane Cruikshank is one of the most modern artists working on canvas in Scotland today, taking the medium of oil paint and making it speak in a way that is both contemporary and traditional. Whether a quiet, intimate self-portrait or a poignant still-life, Jane's pieces combine classical lighting techniques, almost reminiscent of the Old Masters, with a thoroughly modern, photographic looking brushwork. The effect is at once precise but also beautifully enigmatic. Jane graduated in 1998 from Grays School of Art, Aberdeen and exhibits throughout Scotland.

Still Life with Copper and Books by Jane Cruickshank on display at Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen
  • Jane Cruickshank - Still Life with Copper and Books

  • Oil on canvas - 40 x 50 cm

  • £1,850

  • £185.00 per month